PhylloTech, LLC is creating new agricultural sprays to replace current toxic pesticides. The sprays combine novel protein-based antimicrobials both to kill and deter fungal and bacterial pathogens, a novel approach unlike anything on the market. Plant diseases cause large losses to agriculture, and a great need exists to combat crop diseases with new safer products. PhylloTech has been working to develop environmentally safe sprays that fight diseases which harm crops, cause losses for farmers, and are unsafe for consumers. The company is located at the University Research Park in Madison, WI.

Over the past few decades, discoveries in plant biology have enabled the production of heterologous proteins in plants and have opened the possibility to produce high-value proteins that are too difficult or costly to make in other systems. Plant-based protein expression systems are environmentally-friendly production methods with unlimited scalability. At PhylloTech, we use patented technology to produce high-value proteins such as antibodies and enzymes in plant trichomes.

Lichter Realty

Lichter Realty is a Chicago based commercial realty business. They are redefining the landlord. They are rebuilding Chicago, one building at a time.